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a few of our many cat water fountain designs.

Highest % of 5 star ratings worldwide

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Many cat owners are aware of the importance of feline hydration

and more and more are  becoming aware of the benefits of a cat water fountain for promoting feline health.

But do people understand the differences among the many brands of cat fountains?

Here are some factors to consider:

> Is the fountain made from safe materials, such as ceramic? Fountains made entirely or largely from plastic will scratch and harbor harmful bacteria, causing chin acne and other ailments. Ceramic is the accepted best.

> Is it easy to clean? If it isn’t it will likely go un-cleaned too often and that is not good for the cat.

> Is it food safe? If not made in the U.S. with diligent attention to and control over all the ingredients that go into the fountain there is no way to know that.

Which brings us to our main point:

> Thirstycatfountains creates by hand the highest rated (highest percentage of 5 star reviews) cat fountains worldwide.

> Our fountains are of high-fired stoneware so are strong and will last a lifetime and we have designs for every breed and temperament.

> We make our own glazes from scratch following strict guidelines for absolute food-safeness. This does not just mean no toxic elements but not too much of any colorant which if used in too high percentages can become toxic.

> As so many of our customer reviews testify to, our fountains are very easy to clean.

> Our filtration system lasts years as opposed to weeks and our fiters are easily replaced for only a few dollars.






Christina Merlotti They are pricey, but, given that my cat has gone through 4 plastic fountains (all at least $50-60) and managed to destroy them all, this quality (and aesthetically pleasing) product is worth every penny!
Kim Shaffer I own two of these fountains and they are not overpriced! They are one-of-a-kind, handmade, quality items that are quiet and last for years. I haven't even had to replace a pump yet, and I have had the one fountain for probably 4 or 5 years. These don't compare to cheap, buzzing plastic fountains that collect bacteria and have half a dozen parts that need to be removed, replaced and/or cleaned.
Paula Gregg They are priced a little higher than the average fountain, but these fountains aren't average! They are beautiful, functional, effective, and high quality. I could have bought two of these for the price of the "cheaper" fountains that are no longer working. I love these fountains.
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